Beauty Sleep Beauty Sleep
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Beauty Sleep - 120 VcapsBeauty Sleep - 120 Vcaps
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Beauty Sleep - 180 VcapsBeauty Sleep - 180 Vcaps
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Burn Well - 60 VCAPSBurn Well - 60 VCAPS
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Clean EnergyClean Energy
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Clean Energy - 120VcapsClean Energy - 120Vcaps
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Clean Energy  - 180VcapsClean Energy  - 180Vcaps
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DETOX SET3.0 Sale price$67.00 Regular price$89.00
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FIT SET5.0 Sale price$56.00 Regular price$78.00
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Mood Food - Recipe BookMood Food - Recipe Book
Mood RiseMood Rise
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MoodRise - 2 months - 120 V capsMood Rise - duo - 120 vcaps
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MoodRise - 3 months - 180 V capsMood Rise - triopack - 180 vcaps
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Silk Aromatherapy Eye PillowSilk Aromatherapy Eye Pillow
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ZEN SET4.8 Sale price$67.00 Regular price$83.00

Compiled by experts

Our supplements contain the essential natural elements that are indispensable in today's on-the-go lifestyle. Vitasonar's formulas have been developed in Belgium by experts in phytotherapy. They are produced in a certified pharmaceutical family business under the strict rules of Belgian legislation and according to the highest quality standards (GMP, IFS Food certification).

A natural state of wellbeing

Vitasonar is resolutely committed to intelligent self-care. We develop substantiated phytotherapeutic food supplements and nutricosmetics that contribute to your daily well-being. 100% natural, eco-friendly and locally produced.

100% natural

Our bodies are not designed to take in chemicals. That is why Vitasonar only works with 100% natural ingredients. Our supplements are vegan, gluten-free and contain no artificial coloring. We are here for everyone who prefers healthy, ethical supplements that add value to your mental and physical balance.