Mood Food - Recipe Book

Mood Food - Recipe Book

More irritable and impatient when you are hungry? Does chocolate alone seem to cheer you up sometimes? Do you eat away your stress and frustrations with a bag of chips in front of the TV?

But stress and intense emotions can't just be eaten away. They are signals from your body that you are trying to tell something.

Goedele Leyssen was such an emo eater. During her training as a holistic nutritionist, she discovered the connection between food and her emotions. She learned how nutrition can influence your mood and emotions. In 'Mood food' she tells her story and shares her knowledge and insights.

  • What can you eat to feel better.
  • Recipes that put this knowledge into practice
  • Experience how a balanced diet can also make you more emotionally stable.

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Less stress. More energy. Positive mood.

The balanced combination of 11 high-quality ingredients in Mood Rise helps promote a positive mood, reduce stress and support overall emotional well-being.


Premium ingredients

No Nasties

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