Mood Rise 60 vegan capsules

Mood Rise

This natural composition of high-quality ingredients contributes to:

  • a positive mood
  • promoting emotional balance
  • reducing emotional stress and burnout
  • normal mental performance and concentration
  • increasing energy, supporting physical performance and endurance.

Use: 2 capsules in the morning

Bundles: 60V caps - 1 month cure
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Less stress. More energy. Positive mood.

The balanced combination of 11 high-quality ingredients in Mood Rise helps promote a positive mood, reduce stress and support overall emotional well-being.

backed by science
High-quality ingredients
Saffron - 30mg Saffractiv
Saffron has a positive effect on our mood. Saffron extract supports emotional balance and promotes the maintenance of a positive attitude. Active ingredients: saffranal (2%), crocins (3%) For this MoodRise uses Saffr'Activ, a standardized, 100% traceable and genetically certified saffron extract.
Ashwagandha - KSM 66
Ashwagandha or the 'Indian ginseng' has been used for over 3000 years to reduce stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration. MoodRise uses KSM-66 Ashwagandha. This is a standardized ingredient with the highest concentration of the important components of the root.
Rhodiola is the ultimate adaptogenic plant and a powerful agent to tackle fatigue, stress and anxiety and to increase concentration levels. Rhodiola also has a positive effect on the presence of serotonin in the brain.
More and more people are deficient in this essential mineral that we can only get from food or supplements. Our body needs this mineral to build up resistance to stress and tension, to produce energy and to relax the muscles.
Vitamin B complex
B- Vitamins stimulate the natural energy in the body. They contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and healthy psychological function. A deficiency will manifest itself in symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite and headache.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Since we do not produce this vitamin ourselves, we are completely dependent on food and / or sunlight to give our diet the necessary. A shortage can occur, especially in winter, which will make you feel extremely tired.


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