Energy Boorst with Mulamba

Moodcoach : Mulamba Van den Hende

Do you have a lifeless feeling? You drag yourself through the day to pop into the chair at night and not get out? The Moodrise Energy Boost program is the right solution for this. You don't even have to get out, you can just do it at home whenever you want. The time is not a problem either because each workout lasts 7 min.

Each workout consists of a block of four exercises that you will perform for 30 seconds, you rest 10 seconds before you move on to the next exercise. Repeat each block two/three times.

Energy Boost program:

  1. Session 1: Belly
  2. Session 2: Belly and Cardio
  3. Session 3: Legs and Buttocks
  4. Session 4: Cardio