Suffering from stress? Lower your cortisol level.

Last van stress? Verlaag je cortisolniveau.

Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands during stressful situations or when your blood sugar level is low. This hormone ensures that you can deal with stress for a long period of time . Thanks to this hormone you can give yourself completely and perform at 150%.

Advantages and disadvantages of cortisol

Cortisol prepares you to work hard for a longer period of time and to perform optimally. Your heart rate increases, oxygen is pumped around your body faster and the sugar intake in your muscles increases. Thanks to more sugar in your blood, your body gets more energy. An example of a healthy way in which cortisol works is when an athlete wants to win a competition. The healthy tension leads to an increased amount of cortisol and therefore to a better performance. After playing the game, the tension decreases, and the cortisol level also drops.

But if the cortisol level does not drop and you produce a lot of cortisol for a long time, your body will become completely exhausted. This can even lead to chronic stress. If your body functions above 100% for too long, all physical and mental reserves are exhausted. This makes you lose control of your mood, you are irritable and constantly overtired. Do you recognize 1 of the following consequences in yourself? Then it is urgent to take action!

The consequences of too much cortisol.

  • sleep problems
  • exhaustion
  • intestinal complaints
  • overweight
  • failing immune system
  • higher risk of burnout
  • feeling unbalanced by stress

How do you lower your cortisol level?

Our body produces cortisol itself. That's good news because you can influence the production of cortisol in your body.

The first thing you should do is think carefully about what exactly is causing your stress. Break the vicious circle of too little exercise, too much coffee and unhealthy eating habits.

It is very important for your health to recover well from mental and physical activities so that cortisol production decreases.

Do you feel - despite these tips - that you are getting out of balance? Then supplements with natural plants and vitamins can help to keep your cortisol production under control.


Ashwagandha is best known for its stress hormone lowering properties , especially in relation to cortisol. Ashwagandha will slow down the production of the stress hormone, which will regulate your stress system.

Ashwagandha calms you down and makes you more resilient to physical and mental stress. Research in chronically stressed adults shows that the use of ashwagandha significantly lowers cortisol compared to the control group. Those who took the highest dose even experienced a reduction of 30%. That's why we call ashwagandha 'the stress reducer' !

Experience it yourself now.

Would you like to try out the effect of ashwagandha to lower stress yourself? Discover Mood Rise ! This unique formula uses KSM-66 ashwagandha. This is a standardized brand extract with the highest concentration of active ingredients from the root. As a result, you are 100% assured that the active substances are present in sufficient quantities so that you will feel an immediate effect.

In addition, Mood Rise also contains saffron, rhodiola, magnesium, vitamin D and a vitamin B complex.


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