Do you know the connection between sleep and beauty?

Ken jij het verband tussen slaap en schoonheid?

You've probably already heard it. 8 hours of sleep per night is recommended to feel optimal in the morning. Sleep deprivation is detrimental to your health and has both physical and mental consequences. The first sign of a bad night's sleep has an immediate effect on your appearance. The result: dull skin, dark circles and puffy eyes. That's why we asked ourselves the question: is a beauty sleep a myth or pure reality? We researched it for you!

Sleep protects the skin

Our skin is exposed to UV light, pollution, dryness and so much more all day long. A hydrated skin can better protect itself against pollution from the outside and heals faster. That is why taking care of your skin with moisturizing creams is extremely important. But a real healthy and radiant appearance comes from within.

While you sleep, you give your skin a chance to reform itself. The deep connection between sleep and beauty is due to the fact that your skin cells repair themselves more effectively at night. At night twice as many skin cells are produced than during the day. Not only the production of skin cells, but also that of collagen is doubled and this will make your skin look more radiant, firmer and younger.

Those who sleep 7 to 9 hours have more hydrated skin compared to people who sleep only 6 hours or less. As a result, these people are better protected against wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, a Swedish study by the Karolinska Institute shows that people who sleep less than 5 hours are considered less attractive by others. A lack of sleep makes us look tired, uglier and less healthy. ouch!

Getting into bed early tonight is therefore the message!

Boost your nighttime beauty care

So your skin largely recovers while you sleep. If you don't sleep enough, you don't give your skin enough time to recover. Conclusion: beauty sleep is anything but a myth. A good night's sleep is therefore important! But what if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?

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