5 Ways Saffron Supports Your Mental Health

5 manieren waarop saffraan je mentale gezondheid ondersteunt 
With 150-200 flowers for 1 gram, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is therefore not called "the red gold" for nothing. In any case, saffron is extremely popular in the kitchen, although it is also very popular for its medicinal properties.


Saffron, for example, has many benefits in terms of mental health. The active ingredients saffranal and crocin play an important role in this. They ensure that, among other things, more serotonin is available in the nervous system. As a hormone and neurotransmitter, serotonin is responsible for a good feeling and mood.

Discover the main uses of saffron on a mental level below.

Against depression and burnout

Due to the calming and strengthening effect of saffron on the nervous system, saffron can help in the treatment of mild to moderate depression and burnout. Several studies have already confirmed the effectiveness of saffron as a natural anti-depressant. Also reduce anxiety symptoms and improve your mood.

In that respect, saffron can also be used for postnatal depression and depressive feelings associated with menopause.

Psychological menstrual complaints

Within the menstrual cycle, saffron is useful for both the physical and mental complaints that accompany menstruation. Because of its natural calming effect, it can, among other things, curb mood swings and soothe feelings of depression.

Against stress

Even if it all gets a bit too much and you are overwhelmed by stress, saffron can offer relief. The spice strengthens your resistance to stress. In this way it supports your inner peace during difficult times or major changes in your life.

Better sleep

Have you been sleeping less well lately, for example due to fears or nightmares? Even then, saffron can help you to relax optimally again at night. Thanks to its calming properties, your sleep improves: you fall asleep faster and also sleep deeper.

More energy

Stress, bad sleep, feelings of depression… These are all things that can seriously eat up your energy level. Saffron can also offer a solution for such a lack of energy. Bye bye lethargy, welcome resilience!

Good to know: you can take saffron in different ways. In powder form, but also as an extract in a dietary supplement. Because of the high price, there are sometimes inferior products. Therefore, only buy saffron extract with a sufficient dose of the active ingredients saffronal and crocin. Optimally, saffron contains at least 2% saffronal and 3% crocin.


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