Natürliche Lösungen für stressige Zeiten, Momente der Angst, schlechte Stimmung und Müdigkeit.

Was wäre, wenn das Geheimnis darin bestünde, sich um deine Neurotransmitter zu kümmern?

Who doesn't occasionally experience a dark period, a period of stress, or emotional tension that's more challenging to manage than usual? Even with a healthy lifestyle, our brain may need a little boost to function optimally.
At the core of these changes are a number of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. They play a central role in your 'happiness' and your ability to withstand stress.
Mood Rise is primarily composed of saffron, rhodiola, and ashwagandha. These ingredients are known to naturally balance these neurotransmitters, allowing you to regain your good mood.

Eine einzigartige und natürliche Formel

"Mood Rise has been exclusively developed by our scientific team. It is a unique formula that combines the expertise of our experts and high-quality ingredients to create the best product.

As for the choice of saffron extract, SaffrActiv was selected because it is produced in France. It is an extract that contains a large quantity of high-quality crocin and saffron."

Geprüfte und zugelassene Produkte

Vitasonar has already won over thousands of customers who use the brand every day. The secret lies in natural ingredients for quality products.

Mood Rise was developed and produced in Belgium. Additional quality tests are conducted in a laboratory in Germany.

We only use vegan ingredients and avoid any additional additives. Our packaging is eco-friendly and reusable, free of plastic components, of course.

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