These 3 botanicals give you mental energy.

Deze 3 botanicals geven je mentale energie.

From work to private life, there is a lot on our to-do list every day. That requires a lot of energy, especially on a mental level. That is why it remains important to replenish your energy vessel on time. For example, by getting enough sleep, although nature can also help you to regain your energy level. Discover three plants below that guarantee a mental energy boost!


Saffron has many medicinal benefits, especially in terms of mental health. For example, it can be used as a natural mood booster and provides peace of mind. The active substances in saffron extract, saffronal and crocin, help to maintain the serotonin level in the brain.

In this way, saffron contributes to increased resistance to stress and reduces feelings of anxiety. Since these are all complaints that consume energy, saffron can also help you feel more energetic again.


Ashwagandha, or Indian ginseng, is sometimes referred to as an adaptogen. This is a collective term for plants that can help reduce physical and mental stress. Adaptogen comes from the Latin adaptare, which means "to adjust." That is also what adaptogens do: they allow your body to adapt to stress factors such as work pressure or personal setbacks.

Ashwagandha is one of the best known adaptogens. Because it inhibits the production of the stress hormone cortisol, ashwagandha ensures a stable mood. Your body and mind come into balance, so that you automatically have more (mental) energy. In addition, ashwaganda supports a good night's sleep and increases your concentration level.


Rhodiola or rose root also has adaptogenic properties. The extract from the root works against nervousness and tension and can therefore be used perfectly in stressful periods. It also reduces the fatigue and lack of energy that you experience. Moreover, you will be able to concentrate better again.

How to take?

You can take saffron, ashwagandha or rhodiola in dietary supplement form, typically in capsule form. Food supplements that combine the different plants can help you during busy periods with a lot of stress: they provide more mental energy, as well as a better state of mind and a night's rest.

Always make sure that high-quality extracts with sufficiently high concentrations of the active ingredients are used.

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