Martine Prenen's 3 favorite 'good mood' herbs

De 3 favoriete 'good mood' kruiden van Martine Prenen 

Herbs and plant extracts can be an incredible partner in supporting a positive mindset. They often have a longer lasting effect than pharmaceuticals and fewer adverse side effects. They are our buddies for a good mood. These are my favourites:

SAFFRON : the good mood champion !

Saffron is the natural mood booster. The sunshine herb, as it is called because it gives you a 'sunny' mood. In the East they already knew 5000 years ago that this precious gold powder helps incredibly well with all kinds of complaints.

The saffron extract extracted from the red pistil contains saffranal and crocin. Two active ingredients that ensure that your serotonin, or happiness hormone, is maintained. A good serotonin balance not only ensures a good mood, it also promotes sleep quality, memory and makes you calmer.

During menopause, serotonin levels will drop due to lower estrogen levels. It is therefore important to counter this with saffron.

Bonus: Saffron also helps control your body weight by curbing hunger pangs.

The powder is extracted by hand and is therefore a time-consuming and expensive production process. For 1 kilo of saffron you need about 100,000 saffron crocuses. Hence the nickname: red gold. But this precious powder does a lot for our mental health.

ASHWAGANDHA: the stress killer.

Ashwaghanda or Indian Ginseng is a very good one to keep our cognitive functions clear, alert and healthy. This Ayurvedic herb revitalizes your entire body, especially your adrenal glands (the house of stress). It relaxes you, by lowering your cortisol level, and makes you more resilient both physically and mentally. Because you relax more and can rest better, instead of your thoughts flying in all directions, Ashwaghanda gives you more energy.

Rhodiola : the mental energy source

Rhodiola has a specific power; it adapts to what you need or an adaptogen. This means that it will calm you down when you are restless and stimulate you when you are tired. It keeps your mind sharp and clear. It is often used in mild to moderate depression because it stimulates neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine (happiness hormones). Studies have shown that the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline indicate a deficiency in depression.

Important vitamins and minerals

Vitamin B deficiencies have a direct effect on depression. In people over the age of 65 and also in young people, studies indicate that extra vitamin B complex results in a reduced risk of depression. Especially Vit. B 12 is an important one, but vitamin Bs are better absorbed if you take them together, = a vitamin B complex.

The 3 stands for a variant of vitamin D that supports our resistance, especially in winter we can get vitamin D deficiencies because we convert in the skin through sunlight.
Magnesium is a relaxing mineral that makes you more resistant to stress-related complaints. According to some experts, it could replace antidepressants. NEVER just stop taking antidepressants IMMEDIATELY, that can cause both physical and mental complaints. Wean off gently under the guidance of your doctor.

Go for a quality supplement

By taking these natural and mental strengthening natural substances you can already support your mental well-being very well. Vaporizing soothing essential oil and pampering yourself with some me-time can also do wonders.

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