Overtired all day? This will give you more energy!

Heel de dag oververmoeid? Zo krijg jij weer meer energie!

Do you sleep a lot, but do you feel tired all day? You may be suffering from mental fatigue. Our mental health has a huge impact on our bodies. Those who are mentally exhausted may also experience physical complaints of fatigue. To address this problem, we need to listen to what our bodies really need. With just a few little tricks, you get more energy right away. This way you can enjoy life to the fullest again!

A fixed sleep pattern is very important if you want to start the day full of energy. That seems obvious, but it's not. So always lie in your bed at a fixed hour even if you're not tired yet. Over time, your body will get used to this, causing you to fall asleep immediately. Snoozing in the morning isn't a good idea either. If you want the energy to flow through your body, jump out of bed immediately. So you also have time to quietly enjoy a balanced breakfast.

A common cause of lack of energy is a lack of iron. Therefore, it is important to eat varied. If tired, add more spinach, meat and eggs to the menu. Our intestines are therefore the organ that plays the most important role in our energy supply. Therefore, be careful to eat heavy meals just before bedtime.

After a hard, tiring day at work, you often only look out to hang on the couch at home long stretched. This seems wonderfully relaxing, but you're only going to get more tired of it. If you really want to fully recharge your batteries, get out of that lazy seat and look for things that really give you more energy. Like a fun new hobby, working out with a colleague after work or something you can put your creativity into.

We don't need to tell you that the weather in Belgium is not always pleasant.. Nowadays we spend a lot of time indoors and in the office, so we are not sufficiently exposed to sunlight. Fatigue can also be the result of vitamin D deficiency. Go outside during the break and take a small walk, your energy level immediately skyrockets.

Stop wasting your energy on negative thoughts. By constantly thinking about everything that can go wrong, what others think about you and doubting yourself, you lose motivation and energy. That's why you have to try to focus on fun things. Make nice plans on the weekend, meet up with an old friend and go to that one party. This will build up tension, which will make you effervescent with energy.


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