5 signs that you may be suffering from a parental burn-out

Last van parentale stress? 5 signalen om in de gaten te houden.

There's a lot of pressure on the shoulders of parents. All the tasks and responsibilities can become too much for you as a mother and father. Keep that stress on for a long time, you can end up in a parenteral burn-out: you are completely 'exhausted' and don't get recharged anymore. But what exactly are the signals of this specific form of burn-out?

A continuous feeling of tiredness

For starters, you feel tired all the time. Your reserves are completely exhausted, both mentally and physically. Sufficient sleep does not help, often because you already sleep worse.

More negative mood

You notice that you are more likely to be outraged or irritated. Sometimes you work this out on your children as well: you call on them or can no longer empathise with them at all.

Frustrated about caring for your children

Even the simplest tasks seem to be major obstacles in the long run. In itself you still feel like doing something, but at the same time you just don't have the nerve for it anymore. This in turn leads to a lot of frustration.

Feeling that you are not doing enough

You live a life that doesn't feel like it's yours, but you 'have to' because so many others do. You constantly compare with other parents and find that you yourself are failing. You feel like you're not doing anything right.

Forgotten, hard to concentrate

Constant forgetfulness and effort to concentrate can also indicate that it is all too much.

What can you do?

As a parent, do you notice that you are dealing with one or more of the above symptoms? Then it is important to intervene in time.

Just as with a classic burn-out, taking enough rest is a must to prevent or remedy a parental burn-out. Don't be afraid to ask for help: an evening for yourself while someone is looking after your child(ren) can do a lot.

Also talk a lot: with your partner, your children, but also with other parents. You will notice that things don't always run smoothly in other families either. This can help you to leave your perfectionism behind a bit more often. 

Take care of your own needs based on the idea of 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. Think of sufficient sleep, regular exercise and of course a healthy diet, possibly supplemented with some useful nutritional supplements.


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