Improve your immune system with a detox.

Verbeter jouw immuunsysteem met een detox.

The immune system is the defense system of the human body. It protects us against infections and viruses such as covid-19 and clears away unnecessary cell debris. In short: thanks to your immune system you do not get sick. That's why supporting your immune system is important.

Not easy in these modern times. Because we are more than ever exposed to 'toxic' substances. Just think of too much or too fatty food, coffee, alcohol, exhaust fumes, non-mineral make-up, plastic and so on... When we ingest too many toxins, our kidneys and liver can no longer process them and it stores body stores these substances in the fat tissue. This overloads our body and immune system, giving free radicals free rein.

What are the consequences of too many toxic substances in the body?

  1. Fatigue
  2. Intestinal complaints
  3. Skin problems
  4. Weight gain
  5. Painful joints
  6. Irritability and depression
Are you suddenly or prolonged suffering from one or more of these consequences ? Then your immune system is overloaded and it's time for a detox! Detox or detoxification is the process by which we help the body to remove toxins from the body faster. Fewer toxins means more room for the immune system to fight against pathogens (biological particles that cause infectious diseases). In addition, with a detox you will support the lymphatic system. It affects every cell and organ of the body and is the core of our immune system.

How do you start a detox to boost your immune system?

By eating healthy and varied food and exercising enough, you ensure that your immune system remains strong. Yet we see that uncontrollable factors such as stress, depressed feelings and insufficient sunlight weaken the immune system, despite all your efforts.

In addition to what many detox cures claim, detoxing does not mean starving yourself with liquid vegetable and fruit juices. With such treatments you may lose weight as you consume fewer calories, but this weight loss will be short-lived. In addition, your metabolism will also slow down since you absorb fewer calories. Not immediately a good idea to promote your immune system!

You strengthen your immune system by taking in all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. That is why it is better to choose a supplement to your diet than to abstain from certain foods. Dietary supplements that help your body expel toxic substances are ideal for boosting your immune system. Therefore, choose plant extracts, herbs and supplements that contain detoxifying enzymes and have a detoxifying effect.


Chlorella contains an enormous amount of nutrients and is therefore called a 'superfood'. It is also packed with antioxidants that contribute to a well-functioning immune system. But this unicellular freshwater algae is especially popular for its detoxifying effect. It supports your body in clearing out substances that do not belong in the body. This natural detoxifier binds heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, to remove them from the body through the digestive system. By adding chlorella to your detox you will give a huge boost to your immune system.


You probably already knew that green tea is super healthy. But did you know that matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants than green tea? The high dose of antioxidants reduces the amount of free radicals in the body that are linked to the overload of our immune system. As a result, matcha has a beneficial effect. Moreover, matcha is a source of vitamin C, selenium and magnesium, it strengthens your immune system and provides more energy. Scientific research has also shown that matcha is effective in weight loss. If that isn't a nice bonus!


This mineral is involved in many processes in your body and plays an important role in fighting disease and infection. It is essential for the normal functioning of your immune system and building a good resistance. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of strong bones and helps with mental challenges. Zinc strengthens the skin and nails and keeps your hair strong and shiny. Thanks to zinc you shine inside and out!

Could your immune system use a boost and do you want to start with a detox?

Then you should try Clean Energy. With Clean Energy you recharge pure energy through the detoxifying effect of Chlorella and Matcha tea. In addition, Guarana, folic acid, vitamin E and biotin ensure that your energy level is extra supported.

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