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We from VitaSonar consider ourselves a holistic self-care brand.
Through our content and healthy lifestyle products, we inspire busy women to adopt a lifestyle with space for self-care practices because we believe that self-care is how you get the maximum out of life without exhausting yourself.

Pick your SelfCare Ritual
with Alice Avery

Is stress consuming all your mental and fysical energy? Combining the  Vitasonar nutritional supplements with daily selfcare rituals will increase your overall feeling of wellbeing. 

4 SelfCare Rituals to make your day.

Mood Rise Morning Flow

The Mood Rise Morning Flow is a gentle yet energizing yoga class that will set you up for a succesfull day.

Try it out today ! 

Beauty Sleep Bedtime Yoga

The beauty Sleep Yoga Class will help you wind down and get your body and mind ready for bed.

Clean Energy Work Out

The Clean Energy work out is a hit session that is just pure fun, set to the beat of the music.

Play it and get energized.

Vitasonar Meditation

The Vitasonar Meditation will help you decrease stress and anxiety with a selection of carefully selected rituals. 

Why choose Vitasonar?

Our nutritional supplements do not contain any non-vegan ingredients or substances.

We only use high-quality, standardized ingredients to obtain maximum bio-availability.

Our products are gluten-free, free of artificial colorants, GMO-free and free of any artificial ingredients.