With positive energy through the menopause? These tips help.

Met positieve energie door de menopauze? Deze tips helpen.

When we talk about menopause, we often talk about the physical complaints: night sweats, hot flushes and the chance of weight gain or loss. The emotional challenges women face are often less discussed. We do not shy away from taboos and are happy to share our tips for more mental energy during menopause.

Emotional Challenges

During menopause, the female hormone "estrogen" drops into the blood. This new hormone balance has various effects on the body as well on the woman's brain. It is therefore perfectly normal for the mental attitude changes during these hormonal fluctuations.

The following complaints can occur:

  • be easily irritated
  • fatigue
  • dejection, feelings of depression
  • don't feel useful
  • being anxious and stressed
  • moodswings

What you can do yourself?

1. Healthy food

The metabolism decreases so that the pounds can gain more quickly. Smoking, drinking a lot of coffee and alcohol aggravate the emotional and physical symptoms of the menopause. Eating enough fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, has a beneficial effect. A healthy lifestyle ensures that the emotional strength increases during the transition.

Supplementing the diet with saffron extract contributes to a positive effect on the mood. 30 mg per day reduces the symptoms of PMS, anxiety and irritability in two months. The active ingredient in saffron, saffranal, increases the serotonin (also called happiness hormone) levels in the brain

2. Get enough sleep

It is often a vicious cycle. Due to the hot flashes and night sweats you sleep badly, which disrupts your sleep. As a result, you are tired and exhausted the next day. Fatigue is the result. This has a huge impact on resilience and emotional attitude. Sleep deprivation is an essential problem that can lead to depression or burnout. Make getting enough sleep a priority! Go to bed at a fixed time, create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom and do not take work to bed with you.

3. Get enough exercise

Sleeping problems, headaches or migraines are common complaints during menopause. You can remedy this by exercising enough and regularly during the day. Go to work by bike, choose to take the stairs and / or take a walk during the lunch break. A lot of exercise also ensures that you will sleep better. This is the first step to relieve stress.

4. Relieve stress

During menopause, the hormone balance is completely mixed up and the capacity to deal with stress also changes. You suffer from mood swings, crying spells and other complaints. This makes you feel stressed, gloomy and depressed. Mandatory relaxation and rest is therefore a must! Start a new sport or take yoga classes. Relaxation techniques can also help. Dare to say "no" and get help if necessary.

Ashwagandha (or Indian Ginseng)is used in Ayurvedic medicine against these menopausal complaints. The extract from the root decreases stress, increases energy levels and improves concentration.

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